First Post!

It is so exciting to have this blog up and running. I have been hard at work creating Yarn Sherpa, a search engine just for yarn. Yarn Sherpa makes it easy for yarncrafters to find great yarns for their next project by searching across the internet for yarns for sale. All of the yarns on Yarn Sherpa are for sale. Just click the 'visit retailer' link to see where the yarn is for sale online.

Yarn Sherpa is live and available right now, but it currently under active development. I am adding more yarns every day. I will update this blog with my progress on Yarn Sherpa as well as featuring the great yarns, patterns and yarncrafters that I come across while I am completing the website.

Thank you for visiting this blog. Check out Yarn Sherpa and let me know what you think about it! I really want your feedback so that I can make a yarn finding tool that you will want to use.

Written on March 3, 2014